lundi 19 mars 2007

DJ kakoolalajwall

OUI, c'est bien un vrai nom de DJ!

Un nom à sortir dehors et à habiter en Alsace dedans ça !!!

Dj kakoolalajwall fait partie à part entière du label Fat Form records.

Ce n'est pas seulement un DJ, ni même l'homme le mieux coiffé du monde (touche ma dread elle porte bonheur) c'est aussi une mine d'information. Ce mec c'est I tune à lui tout seul. Un selecta pur produit made himself!

J'avoue éprouver beaucoup de frustration lorsque je parle avec lui. HU HU ! Je suis frustration de ne pas avoir sa culture et je suis aussi frustration parce qu'il resiste à mon charme ecrasant de sensualité, tu craqueras va, comme tous les autres poupée!!

Bon sa bio officielle :

Who am I ? Mmmh, sometimes graphic designer, sometimes (very) lazy, sometimes spinning Chill Out, Downtempo, Phunkey, Mellow, Doped Beats in clubs, restaurants, festivals, ..., sometimes dancing, sometimes cooking, sometimes roaming in town with the longboard, to sum up trying to enjoy life, and to understand that world I was thrown in, during the summer solstice of the year 79..To speak about Music a little bit, well, thanks to my geographical situation, very close to the boarders with Germany and Switzerland, and not far from Belgium, I'm a long time party goer, discovering the electronic music in 1996, after a punk and hip-hop period. Seeker of the "vibration" as I like to say it, I realized thanks to a good friend that the vibration definitely attends the down-tempo music, and since then I'm doing my best to collect sweet records here and there. Seduced by the easy-going spirit floating around the chill-out I started spinning some records in local parties and quickly crossed the boarder to play in Germany, and Switzerland where the amount of parties used to be much more consistant. I like my sets to be smoothly danceable for the people who are in the mood for it, and suggest ethnic beats as well as more elektro/urban stuff. In the summer 2004 I opened the Transit festival in Spain which was my first gig of that "size", and since then spinned some Music in places like the french Arcadia festival, the Batofar in Paris, and places of my region.. About the music you can hear with the mp3 player here, the welcome song is the stunning Serge Gainsbourg's "Des laids des laids" taken from his reggae album "Aux Armes, etc.." Then comes my newest mix, a blending of various ethnic beats, all with some sunshiny flavours, to forget a lil' bit about the winter here.. This is amongst other downtempo "styles" what I use to play in gigs.. :) After that you have three fake mixes of crossover styles ranging from Progressive House to Trance to Elektro to Breakz and et caetera..Waiting 4 Spring is the most recent. They're made on computer only for the fun and to practise phrases in mixing

Mais moi je dirais plus que c'est la seule personne que je connaisse qui dort les yeux ouvert, j'ai eu la trouille de ma vie en suisse !

la play list:

01- Recloose feat. Joe Dukie - Dust [album Hiatus On The Horizon Peacefrog rec.]

02- The Boo Kings - Love (Retroriginal Mix) [EP Love Whirlpool Sex Music]

03- Chab - Five (Andrea Introvigne Zero 8 Remix) [V.A. Unreleased & Remixed Saw rec.]

04- Emok Vs. NDSA - Harbour Candy (Solead Remix) [EP Harbour Candy Prestige rec.]

05- Dachshund - Somehow [EP The Floating Jesus NUM14 rec.]

06- Digitalis - The Ride [EP The Ride Sinister rec.]

07- Motion - Imagination (Dub Mix) [CD-R]

08- Vibrasphere - Floating Free (Beauty and the Beat feat. Nuke Remix) [EP Floating Free Remixes Tribal Vision rec.]

09- Skeewiff - Man Of Constant Sorrow (D.Ramirez Remix) [EP Man Of Constant Sorrow Japaleno rec.]

10- Eight:Ball - Stiletto [EP Stiletto Point Red rec.]

11- D.Ramirez - La Discotek (D.Ramirez 'Discotek' Dub) [EP La Discotek Royal Flush rec.]

12- Booka shade - In White Rooms (Elektrochemie Remix) [EP In White Rooms Get Physical] 13- Evan Marc - Active Ingredient [V.A. Bliminal Interchill rec.]

La photo du phénomène:

Ce n'est pas une illusion d'optique, vous ne rêvez pas , il a bien la peau violette!

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