mercredi 14 mars 2007

DJ Psychotrop

La serie de billets qui va suivre va surement ressembler à un hommage à mes amis / mes gueu-gueulles!
Mais on s'en paluche, je suis chez OIM tout de même!

Celui qui va ouvrir le bal est
Dj Psychotrop

(Neurobiotic records)

Alors il m'a filé ça :

Born in 1978, he’s been into music since the age of 4. With 12 years of classical conservatory music behind him (playing Ondes Martenot, the ancestor of the synths), he started to listen to electronic music in the early 90’s, and fell in love with psychedelic trance in 1996.He started mixing in 2000 on vinyl then progressed to cd’s. He joined Analogic Team, a French association promoting trance in France, and Coda Magazine, a French electronic music mag, where he’s in charge of the trance section (reviews, news, and interviews…)He loves to play full-on morning music, and makes an interesting journey in each one of his dj sets, with a perfect skill. He also loves to play electro and progressive house sets (influences: Chris Micali, Montero, Kasey Taylor, Inkfish, Andre Absolut…)Known as one of the best French dj’s, he has played a lot in Paris, in the countryside of France, and in foreign cities like London, Prague, Amsterdam, … and in festivals in Italy, Bulgaria…. He has played alongside artists and dj’s like Silicon Sound, Triptych, Dimitri DKN, Tikal, Dnox and Beckers , CPU, Stella Nutella, Morlack, L’elf, Roopak, Wizzy Noise,Sub6, Wrecked Machines, Space Cat, Talamasca, Pixel, Infected Mushroom, Tristan, Altom, Antaro, Shane Gobi, Edoardo Nomad, Eskimo, Senix…. and many more.The highlight of his summer 05 and 06 was playing at “Sonica” Festival in Italy.He has collaborated on 2 tracks with Silicon Sound: “Departure”, released in July 2005 on the “Sonica “compilation from Neurobiotic Records and licensed in October 2005 to Yellow Sunshine Explosion label.“a new track” which gonna be released in the next Silicon Sound album

Moi je préfère ça:

Franck, c'est mon pote de rugby, mon pote culinaire, mon pote sud-ouest mais en étant parisien.
C'est le seul mec à qui je touche le cul et qui me dit "encore une fois mais plus fort", le seul qui me traite de salope 28 fois le soir de mon anniversaire. Le seule mec à qui je reorganise ses sourcils toutes les deux minutes (ouai je suis une monomaniaque des sourcils en bataille).

et pour l'occaz je mets en ligne un dj-set plutot progressif-house-blabla!

1/Marc Romboy vs Stephan Bodzin"Atlas"(Systematic)
2/Eric Prydz "Proper Education" dub mix (Oxyd Rec)
3/Rob Mooney"Boozed Up"(Punch Funk Digital)
4/Andre Absolut"Get the Funk Out my Face"(Kumquat Tunes)
5/Montero"Captain Hook"(Renaissance)
6/Joe C & Mike Hiratzka"Show u the way"[Chris Micali remix] (Open Up)
7/D Nox & Beckers"One Shot"[Motion remix] (Slik't Music)8/Libex & Giorgio Prezioso"Xperimental Sratch"(Pryda Friends)
9/Chris Micali"25"(Reversible Rec)
10/Antix "Little Honey"[Silicon Sound remix] (Neurobiotic Rec) unrlsd
11/Even 11 vs Blue Planet Corporation"High and Mighty"(none)unrlsd
12/Extrawelt "8000"(Traum)

enjoy et touchez vous bien !

ha attendez une photo quand même !

Quel homme!

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une vieille catin qui passait par là. a dit…

Mais quel cul, mais quel homme !!